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As a journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the incredible things our community can accomplish working together. As publisher of the Enterprise, I have covered local governments, informing you when they could and should be doing better. It’s time for our school district to get serious about the future: we must start the process now to build much-needed schools. We must focus on both career-technical education AND college readiness (fixing “A-G completion” rates) so that ALL students succeed.


Los Banos has an amazing opportunity as we emerge from the pandemic with more state funding than ever before in history. We can rise to meet the moment, or we can continue on the path of conflict and gamesmanship among our board members. I believe it’s more important to create educational opportunities for children, than paychecks for administrators. 


Through my work with the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Association, and other organizations, I have shown that I can be a respectful, collaborative, and most importantly, effective partner in community success. Please consider me for your vote, and I promise you that I will always prioritize student success! You can reach me any time at (209) 704-3831.

Teenage Students Raising Hands


We need to balance career tech with A-G.


• Equality and opportunity for all of our students.


• There needs to be unity and cooperation on the board.


• There needs to be good relationships with all the board members.


I’m the only candidate who has positive relationships with all members on the board.


It’s imperative to invest in school facilities because of all the new growth in Los Banos and use our funding to build schools so we have attendance boundaries that make sense and to serve the children and parents to the best of our abilities.


Need to ensure that our schools are safe from viruses and intruders and everything. 

At the same time I believe it’s still very important for a good education experience for all schools to represent a healthy cross section of the community. 


Having a good mix in every school is a good thing. But also having enough school facilities to adequately serve our community is equally important. And we can and will do both.

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